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About your Certified Trainer- Kim Cunningham

About your Certified Trainer- Kim Cunningham

I offer a positive, encouraging, educational lifestyle program for women, men & youth who are looking for one-on-one attention to lose those stubborn inches.

Why I became a CPT, CGT, WFS & NC

Why did I decided to become a certified Personal & Group Trainer,

Nutrition & Wellness Coach

After spending years raising our three kids I found myself in the worst shape of my life!  I had very little energy after teaching & coaching volleyball full time, I seemed to be hungry all the time, I wasn't drinking enough water, therefore, my gut was VERY unhealthy. I had a hard time getting enough sleep which then lead to brain fog & irritability. And, let's not forget my joints- they were achy to the point of needing anti-inflammatory meds.  I WAS MISERABLE!

I knew I had to make DRASTIC changes to my diet and fitness workouts- IMMEDIATELY! 

So,  I JUMPED IN WITH EVERYTHING I POSSESS- spirit, mind & body!

The first photo is me at my heaviest, 165lbs (that is what I weighed when I gave birth to our first kid!! UGH :( )  It took me approximately 18mo. to lose a total of 33.25" over my entire body and 30lbs. 

The mantra I repeated daily was, "Slow & Steady WINS the race"! Even when I would plateau or become discouraged, I would look at my "before" picture and repeat my mantra. And, now some 3 years after making the decision to change my eating & workout habits, I am holding steady at a healthy weight and body size!

My dream is to help women achieve their wellness goals by being their biggest cheerleader, providing positive encouragement, and be the kind of accountability partner that someone can depend on.

Even after dropping a few pounds and inches, I felt AWESOME!!  I knew I was headed in the right direction to a better emotional & physical state!!