About your Certified Trainer- Kim Cunningham

Coach Kim

BS- Physical Education, Springfield College, Ma.

Certified in Personal & Group Training, Nutrition & Wellness Coach- FitChicks Academy

Certified Personal Fitness Instructor- CanFitPro

Certified Women's Fitness Specialist- NASM

My name is Kim Cunningham. Like many of you I found myself longing to return to the physical realities of my younger days!!  You see, back in high school and into college I was a multi-sport athlete. My physique was lean, my curves were well proportioned and I had appropriate inches for a woman in my early twenties!

Then came the three kids and a VERY steady and gradual increase in inches, which completely transformed my once well proportioned lean physique into a physique which frankly looked unhealthy. 

Over the course of 17 years I had put on approximately 40" total body and approximately 35 pounds.  Two years ago I PUT MY FOOT DOWN- which probably cracked a tile or two. LOL!

In 2018 I began my fitness journey be reading anything I could get my hands on regarding body shaping, balancing hormones, how to lose inches, different lifestyle diet changes, weight training, cardiovascular training, cognitive resets, intermittent fasting, hydration, nutrition, & flexibility.  It was right then that I committed to a lifestyle diet change and fitness approach to losing my many inches.  Over the following months, it became clear that NUTRITION contributed to about 80% of my loss of inches!!!  When I ate poorly, any extra- compensatory exercise did NOT offset my poor eating. While the other 20% fitness component is secondary to losing inches, FITNESS IS CRUCIAL for muscle toning, strength, long term bone health and MENTAL WELL-BEING!

In training women, I have quickly learned that priority one for most is ELIMINATING INCHES! Women want to fit their clothes and feel better about themselves inside and out. I am here to teach proper eating/fitness in the short term AND to empower women (men & youth) to incorporate the teachings of this program into permanent lifestyle changes for years to come. 

I offer a positive, encouraging, educational lifestyle program for women, men & youth who are looking for one-on-one attention to lose those stubborn inches.


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It's A Game Of Inches!  Join me to lose those stubborn inches and start to FEEL awesome from the InsideOut!

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