"Big changes are happening"

A few months ago I realized it was time and I needed to start making some major changes. I was tired all of the time, could barely walk a flight of stairs without being winded and was missing out on my kids events. I had tried the traditional gym route before and didn’t feel like it worked for me. I found Kim on Facebook and I could tell she was different from the beginning. She gave her full time and attention and genuinely cared about my answers from the intake meeting. She gave me meal plan suggestions so I started making the changes. I cut bread, white sugar, soda and alcohol but still kept one ‘cheat meal’ per week so I didn’t feel like I’m missing out. We meet twice per week for training sessions where we talk and laugh throughout so I don’t realize the 45 minutes has flown by.  Kim doesn’t make me feel embarrassed about my physical limitations. She is encouraging, accommodating and realistic so that I feel accomplished when I leave our sessions.  Without even realizing it, big changes are happening so that I can start to see/feel them. It will take me a while to reach my goals but Kim is great partner in this journey.
~Danielle J, age 45

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