Kim is in it with you from start to finish

In 2021 Kim did her first tank-top-arm challenge on Facebook. I thought, I'll give this a try. 

Day 1- I could do 5 'modified' aka -girl pushups, I could hold a plank for 30 seconds. 30 Days later I could do 5 'regular" push ups,15 'modified' and I could hold a plank for over two minutes. 

It was a no-brainer to hire her as my fitness coach. 

Today, my waist is 3 inches smaller than when I started (And if I didn't sneak soda now and then it would be more) I can curl 15 pounds for multiple reps, I can hold a plank for nearly 5 mins, my shoulders are defined and sexy, my legs, especially  my inner thighs are tighter and stronger--Thanks to all those curtsey lunges I'm sure. 

Yes you have to do the work to see results, but Kim gives you all the tools you need along with the coaching and support to keep you motivated. 

Other fitness coaches don't have anything on this woman, she is in it with you from start to finish and is genuinely invested in making  you a healthier and stronger you.

Laurie Roy, March 2023

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