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About Coach Kim

WHY offer a wellness experience for others?

After growing up and enjoying many wonderful experiences as a three letter athlete in high school, getting married, teaching physical education and having three kids, I didn't focus on proper eating, exercise or wellness. I chose to

focus on being a good wife, mom, teacher & coach. My priorities seemed "in order", but they were not. Despite good intentions, I was actually neglecting my wellness by ignoring the deliberate actions required to maintain that wellness.

When I reached mid-40's, naturally my hormones, emotions and body began to change. Each year, I added 2-3 lbs of weight, lost flexibility and paid less and less attention to diet and nutrition. By age 48 I had added 30 pound

s to my 5'-5" frame. My joints hurt, old injuries hurt more and I developed a general stiffness throughout my body head to toe. Additionally, my blood sugar was inconsistent which affected energy, metabolism, sleeping and daily quality of LIFE!!!

On top of everything already mentioned, I WAS ASHAMED OF MY ONCE ATHLETIC PHYSIQUE!  UNACCEPTABLE!

May 2018 started my Wellness Journey! I was inspired by a "random" on line fitness teacher. She was the "spark" that ignited my FIRE! The rest was up to me regarding em

otional & nutritional education, exercise and ACTUALLY consistently taking ACTION.  I researched many different nutritional diets, not wanting a "fad" diet but instead a new nutritional lifestyle. In the beginning, I chose to dive into a  Strict Keto regimen for the first 12 months to get the ball rolling fast. I later learned that eating a low carb, higher protein & fat diet worked BEST for me. Incidentally, low carb, higher protein & fat nutritional lifestyle works best for the vast majority of healthy people.

Since May 2018, I have lost & kept off 30 lb and hit my goal weight back in October 2020! I have loss 7" off my chest & waist, 4" off my hips, 6" off my right thigh, 5 1/

4" off my left thigh, 1 3/4" off right bicep & 2 1/2" off left bicep... for a GRAND TOTAL of -33.5 INCHES!!!!! It was about momentum & direction and I had established that.  That is a GREAT feeling!

Even after dropping a few pounds and inches, I felt AWESOME!!  I knew I was headed in the right direction to a better emotional & physical state!!  Even during the weeks I felt bloated or gained an inch/pound- I knew I had the ability, desire & perseverance to change my outlook! I gained strength in ALL areas of my life- emotionally, nutritionally & physically!

I see that getting my emotions under control, prioritizing the activities in my life, planning meals in advance, taking quality supplements and engaging in different fitness

activities consistently has truly changed ME!  And, I want to help others experience FREEDOM from negative emotions, stress, anxiety over looking like the "Hollywood Elite" and instead, take control of their emotions, nutritional choices and adding in positive, enjoyable fitness routines!

Before Pic- May 2018 (165lb)

After Pic- Jan 2021 (135lb)

May 2019- 165lb      


About Coach Christi

Constantly feeling tired, weight gain and not in the normal places, lack of motivation or will power to do anything about it… Sound familiar? We all know getting older changes our bodies, but this is ridiculous!  I was describing myself…I had gone from being very active, fit, and slim to stagnant with major weight gain.  Not only that, the lack of motivation and lack of energy made it seem impossible to change it.  That spiraled into doing nothing, feeling defeated, and unhappy with myself. Can you relate to this? 

I felt like a failure because I already knew a lot about fitness and nutrition.  I taught a few group fitness exercise classes including strength building, spin, aqua aerobics, and Pilates at a couple of local gyms.  I ran 5K’s for fun.  Even after I stopped working at the gyms, I stayed active and fit on my own.  It’s what kept me sane, de-stressed, energetic, confident.  So why was I having such a hard time now???

Is this the fate of women as they get older and go through the changes of life?  Do I really have to live like this the rest of my life?   Is this as good as it gets?    What about the rest of my life?

NO, I decided it must get better, because quite frankly, the way I felt made me feel horrible on so many levels, and I didn’t want to live the rest of my life that way.  So, I got my laptop and started researching, reading, listening, anything I could do to learn more about women’s health and fitness – specifically during perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.  I learned a lot!  The big take away? What worked for me as a younger woman would not work for me as an older woman.   Time to start the journey of putting that information into action began. The road back to health and wellness would be in baby steps. 

During the process of getting myself healthy again, (physically, mentally, and emotionally), I became a certified personal trainer.  I was on track to get certified as a personal trainer when life detoured me away from accomplishing that goal. Juggling work, kids, family, obligations, and self-care is difficult to balance.  As women, we know which of those categories drops first – self-care!   It was something I always wanted to do, but with kids and work, that goal dropped to the bottom of the priority list.  Then with my growing weight gain (and depression that came with it), it seemed to be a silly dream.  But part of my health journey was to let go of my past failures, push through my fears and insecurities, work in the present, and look to the future. Pursuing a PT certification motivated me to move forward on my journey to wellness.  I created a clear picture of what I wanted for myself, which became the foundation for my choices in physical activity, nutrition, and mindset.  I accomplished my goal.

As a personal trainer, my desire is to partner with women who are looking for more out of life.  I am your advocate, cheerleader, support, accountability partner, and trainer/coach.  We are in this together! My personal journey to a healthier lifestyle connects me with other women who struggle, while my education, training, research, and experience allows me the opportunity to help empower women to be their very best.   

I believe in a wholistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle that includes physical, mental, relational, and spiritual aspects of life. Are you unhappy with where you are right now? Are you wanting to live with vitality and vibrancy?  There is a whole lot of life to live- at any age!  Every day IS truly a gift and how we choose to live it is completely up to us.

Healthy is not a number on the scale, or a size you wear, nor a certain way we look.  We are so much more complex than that. There is no easy fix but together we will develop a wholistic plan combining the right workout program and nutrition available, that will not only reduce your body mass, melt inches away, and tone your body, but also help you find self-love, confidence, value, and strength.  Allow me to be your guide to Your Inside Out Wellness!