Remote LIVE Personal Training + Nutritional Support (monthly payment plans available)

Remote LIVE Personal Training + Nutritional Support (monthly payment plans available)

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Are you stuck in your approach to foods & fitness?

Do you prefer to workout in the comforts of your own home?

Do you need an accountability partner that will spend the time encouraging, supporting and pushing you to achieve your wellness goals?

We will help YOU learn how to design healthy meal options that combine the appropriate amounts of protein, fiber and fats for your body!

This 12 week program will help you jump start a new wellness plan by teaching you the benefits of adding the "Complete in 3 Rule" to each meal & snack. Plus, you will receive tried & tested realistic meal ideas that will fill you up and keep you full of energy throughout your day! 

We will meet 2 times per week for personalized workout instruction LIVE online via Google Meets! PLUS- you will be sent an additional workout video to follow AND you will receive suggested meal plans personalized to your likes.

We provide the encouragement, inspiration, knowledge of nutrition for all kinds of dietary needs, high energy, positive feedback and a desire to see people WELL!

We believe in losing INCHES- therefore, our approach is not about a person's weight, but about their inches and how one's clothes fit!

Join us if you are serious about getting your wellness under control through proper nutrition while adding in fitness to tone and strengthen your body!

Call Coach Kim @772-528-3652 or Coach Christi @772-828-0224 if you have any questions or to schedule your New Client In-Take Meeting! 

NEW CLIENT one-time fee $40 (In-Take meeting)

**10% off for Teachers & Staff!

Our passion is watching people transform their bodies into the best YOU can be!