6 Week Kettlebell & More Challenge

6 Week Kettlebell & More Challenge

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Welcome to your Kettlebell & More Challenge!

Your coach brings a wealth of experience in kettlebell training, ensuring each workout is tailored to help you lose inches while building muscle! Your coach is committed to fostering a positive & supportive environment ensuring that this challenge will ignited a perseverance mindset and push you to your greatest potential!

Throughout these 6 weeks you'll be guided through dynamic warmups, kettlebell & weighted bar workouts and static cool downs to maximize fat burning while building lean muscle.

This Challenge isn't just about losing inches, it's about embracing a lifestyle of consistency, celebrating your successes, and provides a total spirit, mind & body transformation!

Your journey starts here!

Training with Kettlebells and Weighted Bars offers a variety of benefits that are unique for strength training. Here are a few key advantages to kettlebell & weighted bar training:

  • Cardiovascular Respiratory Training
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Joint Mobility & Stability
  • Fat Loss (inches lost) & Caloric Burn


  • Personal Fitness Tracker
  • Links to all Workouts
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Weekly Meal Planning Samples
  • Progress Tracker


  • You WILL lose inches (fat)
  • You will have more ENREGY
  • You will SLEEP better
  • Your gut will feel LESS bloated

Call Coach Kim @772-528-3652 with any questions.